Cup of stillness


Meditation is a source of inspiration for AURELIS. Many AurelisOnLine sessions are 'guided health meditations'.

AURELIS meditation is specifically warm, very human, at the same time strong and gentle.

The aim of Cup of Stillness is for you to invite yourself, time and again, towards this kind of warm meditation. This should only come to you completely from inside.


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Meditational poems

In 7 x 49 poems, I have tried to lay down what is to me the essence of a meditational stance. This is also a poetic description of the central philosophy of the AURELIS project as a whole.

The poems are to be read as poetical philosophy.

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6-minutes meditations

These are click-&-play short meditations on stress relief, strengthening positive feelings and developing deep insight. They are quite easy and a good way to start a journey towards more and deeper meditation.

They are for the time being Dutch only.

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