Meditation and AURELIS

AURELIS as contact with the subconscious. Meditation as contact with the subconscious. AURELIS and meditation... Obviously they overlap to a great extent. How? There is only one AURELIS. There are many kinds of meditation. In the complex domain of meditation, the most important polarity for me is between:

  • control of the subconscious
  • invitation of the subconscious.

Of course, there are all sorts of hybrids. Yet it is curious that with one word (meditation) things are denoted that are so different.

AURELIS stands in all this as mainly invitation, with a touch of control, but only when necessary and even then it is a control-on-invitation. In contrast, for example in classical hypnosis, you see the intention to change the subconscious from the outside (= control) through bypassing consciousness. Classical hypnosis is like forming a tube through consciousness towards the subconscious, that subsequently is to be ‘reprogrammed’ by mechanical means.

Zen, an Eastern form of meditation that is already 1000s of years old, fundamentally chooses for the total person. The ‘Buddha that you already are’ is the total person, including the subconscious. This is obviously not a subconscious à la Freud, which is actually nothing more than a ‘consciousness behind the fence’. In Zen, the subconscious is often referred to as 'emptiness'. This is: empty of concepts but full of meaning. It is ultimately indefinable. It is where all meaning comes from. It is the water in the jar without jar. It is one huge potential. Ditto with Aurelis. This may seem different at first sight. There are obviously many visualizations in Aurelis. There is often a starting point, a symptom or aspiration, and a goal: to transcend this symptom or achieve this aspiration. But attaining this goal coincides with an ‘organic growth’ of the whole person in all openness towards... the one whom you already are and always have been.

Control may be interesting, but only as a first step. If we stop there, it's rather a step back. Or you can also say: a step forward, but in a way that complicates the rest of the way.

We humans (as beings with immense complexity) should be fully present in this world (universe). However you look at it, not achieving this goal creates a deep tension. This is also reflected, among other causes and sensitivities, in physical symptoms, addictions and a deep spiritual malaise. Just eliminating the symptoms reduces the stress at a superficial level, but obviously not at a deep level. Bypassing the latter is absurd. Yet it is the basis for many developments, organizations, situations... It's crazy really, because regardless of where it comes from (chance, nature, God, gnomes on Mars)... there is a purposiveness. People who are more sensitive to this, in less optimal circumstances have an increased likelihood of 'psycho-somatic’ symptoms.

AURELIS completely and consistently stands behind this very purposiveness, that is even its core and reason for being. AURELIS is to this effect a 'dance with the subconscious’. A well-executed dance is as much as possible an invitation. What eventually happens, happens spontaneously, from the subconscious itself: the ‘emptiness that is also form’.